Sasha – Lifelike Female Love Doll

Bitch on Heat starts with a Pandora who is an animated sex doll. In a smooth latex suit, blonde wig, prosthetic breasts and oversized lips open to receive, Shelton perfectly conveys the naivety and newness of her character. But curious Pandora cannot do as she is told and she opens the forbidden box, only to find herself inside it, as an actual blow-up doll.

Not only can you customize the already existing sex doll models, but you can create your own from scratch! If you want to make things easier, just pick an already existing sex doll model and change it up a little bit to suit your needs. If you can’t find anything that fits your specific taste, then you can make your own mini sex doll from scratch.

That means choosing the size, the head and face shape, the hair color and size, whether it has an inbuilt vagina or one that you can insert, whether it has pubic hair and how much of it, the skin color, eye color, and even pick a tattoo for them to wear!

Shelton endows her doll-Pandora with self reflection, and as the two dance sweetly together a transformation occurs. The discount sex dolls strips Pandora of the drag of western femininity: first her big hair, then her lips, her immobile latex face. As the sweat drips from Shelton’s human face, she abruptly deflates the liberating doll-Pandora. It’s a stark and brutal moment which sets the tone for the rest of the night.